4 Things To Know About Two Fussy Blokes Rollers

Two Fussy Blokes rollers burst on the decorating scene a few years ago. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength. Decorators use rollers every day and many big name brands have a number of different rollers in their ranges. Where Two Fussy Blokes are different is that they came to market with a single mini-roller in two nap lengths, but why I hear you ask?

Well this starts with the inception of the product. Two Fussy Blokes rollers were created out of necessity, Peter and Chris the founders of the business (The Two Fussy Blokes) couldn't find a roller that met their high demands so decided to create their own. The product took years of development to get right, so once they'd created the product that meets all their needs there was no need for other incarnations, well not straight away anyway.

So, what do you need to know about Two Fussy Blokes rollers?


The rollers are made from the highest quality, highest density microfibre in the world and are designed to produce a super smooth finish that produces ultra-low splatter and ultra-fast paint speed.


The mini-rollers have been designed to fit a bar type roller frame and feature a solid plastic internal core with a small rotating tube that prevents the roller from sticking to the bar. The solid core means that the roller sleeve doesn't flex, compress and bend whilst painting which gives a consistently smooth finish. To make life easier, when grabbing a sleeve out of your bag the internals are colour coded, red indicates the 'smooth' roller and green represents the 'semi-smooth' roller. Simple.

Two Fussy Blokes Rollers Colours | Decorating Tools | Univar SC

The high-quality micro-fibre also runs over the end of the roller which helps to prevent damage to surfaces when painting close to the edge of a wall or door frame. The sleeves work with all types of paints, so they can be used for almost any painting task.


During the development stages of the Two Fussy Blokes rollers Peter and Chris gave paint rollers to a wide range of decorators to get their feedback, this helped them to create the best product possible and one that decorators would love. Since the launch, word has got round professional decorators and the rollers have proved popular. Many decorators have taken to social media to give their testimonials. You can see the wide range reviews and comments about the rollers at the Two Fussy Blokes gallery


Originally, when the brand was launched the product was only available as 100mm mini-rollers. In 2019 the Two Fussy Blokes launched the 9-inch version of the rollers. They have taken their time with the development to ensure that the quality meets the demanding standards of Peter and Chris and of professional decorators.

Two Fussy Blokes continue to grow in popularity amongst decorators and we're sure the 9-inch version of the rollers will be just as popular as the mini version. Two Fussy Blokes rollers are in stock and available to buy now.

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