7 Helpful Tips or Choosing The Best Speedskim For You

The OX Tools Speedskim range has rocked the plastering world for close to a decade now. It’s had a divisive past — possibly the plastering world’s answer to marmite for a while there — but now I think we can all agree that it is a great tool to improve the quality and finish of huge areas, while reducing plastering time, fatigue and overall stress levels of the daily plasterer.  

But figuring out exactly which Speedskim you need for the job is a stressful process in itself — let alone adding in extra accessories or sizes! Which is exactly why we’re here today, to give you the low down on the Speedskim range A-Z and help you figure out exactly which tools you need for the job!


Let’s start with the original Speedskim — the ST range. Ox Tools describe the Speedskim Semi Flexible Plastering Rule as:

The revolutionary new tool system designed to increase meterage output and enhance quality of finish while significantly reducing the harmful effects of fatigue & RSI”. 

It works well with any and all gypsum-based plasters whether hand or spray applied as well as sand & cement renders and even insulated rendering systems. 

The ST range is designed to be a good all-rounder — to flatten, smooth and even finish. It’s your basic level Speedskim, easy to use and quickly get the hang of. The plastic blade helps to keep the moisture of the plaster evenly distributed so that it neither dries out too quickly nor becomes too wet in certain areas.

But if that’s not exactly what you need for your specific situation, then there are other blade models that might suit you. 


This is where things start to get a little confusing. This is not the “Semi Flexible” plastering rule, but the Stainless Flex Speedskim option. 

This version is much like the ST line, except it includes a 0.3mm stainless steel blade tip rather than just the original semi-flexible plastic. Thanks to this, it’s fine finishing power is significantly enhanced in comparison, particularly in colder weather conditions, allowing you to draw the moisture out quicker than with the Speedskim ST. 


The PF in this case stands for Plastic Flex

This blade option includes a thin 1mm flexible plastic blade tip in place of the original semi flex plastic. This allows for more flexibility than the Speedskim ST. It’s essentially a hybrid product of the ST and the SF — enhanced flexibility as seen in the metal blade without the uneven moisture distribution that you may not quite desire. 


The Speedskim RE is the most specialised blade of the entire Speedskim range and the latest addition, the RE standing for Rendering Edge

It is a notched rendering blade with a trapezoid profile used to scratch back basecoat plaster and render or to embed any mesh. Although, to finish off your handy work you will still need one of the other blades in the Speedskim range.  


Each Speedskim comes in a range of sizes varying between 300mm and 1800mm, dependent on the specific model. The range of lengths allow you to size up or down depending on the surface area of what needs covering — whether that be one large wall or a single support beam.

Speedskim ST: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm

Speedskim SF: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm

Speedskim PF: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm

Speedskim RE: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm


Once you've bought your first Speedskim, there is no need to buy the whole thing over again! You can simply replace the blades by removing the clips on each end, sliding the old one out and putting the new one in its place. Being able to keep the handle makes the Speedskim not only more affordable in the long term, but also more sustainable. Your replacement blades must be the same size as your handle in order to be compatible — for smaller or larger sized blades you will need to first purchase that size model. 


OX Tools also offer a telescopic pole so that you can continue to use the Speedskims in hard to reach areas like ceilings. This extends from 1.37m to 3.5m to expand your range even more. The universal steel thread means that it is compatible with a large range of pole attachments across the market, so you can use it with numerous other products and tools too.

To use the pole with your blades you’ll also need a Speedskim universal pole attachment. These will be the piece that attaches to your Speedskim. They are also compatible with all standard threaded poles, so it’s not a requirement that you spend on everything all in one go in order to use your Speedskim on a pole (but you will need this at least).


Our customer service team get quite a few questions about the Speedskim range, so we just want to address the most common ones:

Are the blades interchangeable? Yes! Once you buy one full Speedskim you don't need to buy the whole thing again. You can buy any of the replacement blades and use those with your handle — as long as they are the correct size; the same as your handle. 

How do I change the blades? Simply click off the black clips at the end of the handle and slide the old one out. Slide the new one in its place and click the black clips back in again. You're ready to go!

Are the blades supposed to move? Yes. They're designed to allow for the plastic material to expand in warmer weather. This prevents your blade form warping, keeping that precise straight edge. 

So, that is everything that you need to know about the Ox Speedskim range from start to finish. You can find our range of Speedskim products including accessories and replacement blades for all sizes here! You can now begin your quick and easy Speedskim journey in comfort. Trust us, we’ve just saved you 3 hours of confusion!

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