Easter Crafts with U-PRO Trade Supplies

So, you’ve got two weeks with the little ones coming up. 2 weeks. How do you keep them occupied and off their screens on a budget? How do their teachers do this?

We think that Easter is the perfect time to start getting crafty and fun with the kids. But after your easter egg hunt is done and the easter colouring pages have been filled, you’ve got to figure out the next way to distract occupy them!

We’ve got a couple of ideas for you to pass some time indoors this easter break. A couple of crafts to suit all ages, using things you’ll probably have in your kit already - and they’re virtually mess free! Bonus.

Masking Tape Eggs

This is a really simple craft but fun for all ages! All you’ll need for this one are some white plastic eggs and the masking tapes that you might already have to hand.

At U-PRO.co.uk we stock a large range of masking tapes for a variety of jobs, in a variety of colours! From the purple hues of the Q1 Delicate Surface Tape and the pinks of Tesa’s Sensitive Precision Tape, to the bright red of Ciret’s Masq Ultimate Painters tape and even the blue of Tesa’s Outdoor Masking Tape, you’ll get some brilliantly coloured easter decorations with ease.

Step 1 – Give the kids the eggs and the masking tapes.

Step 2 – Run!

Step 2 – Design your best ever easter egg by sticking the tapes to your plastic eggs!

Scissors aren’t even necessary – however they could be useful to achieve those more intricate designs, polka dots, faces, rabbit ears just to name a few! Just remember scissors require adult supervision!

Masking Tape Stained Glass Windows

Like the eggs, all you really need for this craft is tape! Easy peasy.

You could invest in a roll of contact paper if you wanted to, especially if you wanted to keep the crafts for years to come. With this you can work directly on a window which works just as well! And we all have those at home.

You could start by designing your stained glass window on a piece of paper beforehand, or you can just go for it and see where inspiration takes you. 

Simply stick your tape to the window, and when the sun shines through you’ll see the tape almost glow, making it look like an easter mural on your very own window. Not only is it fun for the kids, but it doubles as easter decoration for the weekend.

The best part? Tape = no mess! Simply peel away when you’re done looking at it. Okay, there may be some residue or small fingerprints to wipe away with a damp cloth afterwards, but it’s a small price to pay for all of that fun!

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