How To Clean And Store Your Paint Brushes

In order to maintain the condition of your paint brushes it is not essential that you clean them after every use if you are continuing with the same work, for example the next day, you can just store them and have them ready to use when you need in the short term. You can do this by wrapping the paint brushes in cling film or an airtight bag and securing it with duct tape or masking tape. This will keep the paintbrushes good for use for around 2 days.


If you are not going to use these brushes in the next few days or are done with the job, storing them in this way will not work, you will need to clean the brushes which you do according to the type of paint you have been using.


If you have used a water-based paint like an emulsion or water-based gloss you can just soak the brushes in warm water for around 2 hours. Once soaked rinse them through with clean running water to clear the brush of paint.

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When using a solvent based paint like a varnish or oil based gloss you will need to soak your brushes in a solvent cleaner such as white spirit or a specific brush cleaning solution and work the cleaner into the brush to ensure it is thoroughly covered then leave it to soak for around 2 hours. Once soaked, used the same process as shown above and rinse the brush through clean running water until the water runs clear of paint.

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