Slidoor being used to paint a door

Introducing the brand new, reusable and easy to use painters prep tool – Slidoor!

Slidoor is the brilliant new innovation from engineer Derek Ashburn. When giving his home a fresh lick of paint ready for some important visitors, he noticed that it can be quite the fuss painting doors – especially when they’re not all fitted the same!

Slidoor placed under a door

Thanks to Derek, gone are the days of taping floors, stuffing dust sheets under crevice’s or worrying about the cost of replacing carpets. Slidoor reduces your prep time by giving you an instant barrier between door and floor. This nifty tool is designed to slip straight under the door to protect the surface below while still giving you suitable room to use your brush or roller.

Slidoor protection tray

Not only will it be saving you money, but it’ll be saving your carbon footprint! Made of a recyclable but durable plastic, right here in the UK, the Slidoor is wipe clean so that you can use it over and over again. Instead of using a new sheet of paper and extra tape for every door you paint, you can simply slip the Slidoor in and out and then wash it when you’re done. Get yours today and try it out for yourself.

How do you protect floors when painting doors?

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