Unleashing The Beast: The Rise Of Ox Tools

It seems like there are new tool brands entering the market every week, this makes it difficult for new and existing brands to make a statement and be noticed. One thing that tradies value more than anything is durability, will the tool hold up to the daily abuse of working on a busy site? If the quality of the product is not up to scratch, then you don't have much chance of succeeding.

This demand for quality and durability is what the OX Tools vision is built on. Their company vision reads;

"Our vision is to bring the strength of the OX to every tradesperson. Our tools will be instinctively recognised as tough, dynamic and dependable. Our customers feel like OX is the ‘extra man on site"

Every OX Tool has been proven on building sites since 1974 with only the best tools making the cut. Developed in the Australian market over the last 39 years OX Tools have become recognised as tough, dependable and most importantly, affordable.


To be seen as a leader in the industry you have to innovate, and that is what OX Tools do best. One of the most recognised tools in the range is the Speedskim, this innovative range of plastering tools was born out of a need for a solution that produces a professional finish, in less time and most importantly, produces less fatigue on the user.

Imagine using a trowel to plaster walls and ceilings every day over your career. The repetitive action creates fatigue on your hands and wrists which long term can potentially result in tired, worn joints that ache resulting in a shorter career. The Speedskim range helps to reduce strain on your wrists and elbows as it lets you cover a wider area with less strokes whilst still producing an excellent finish.

The introduction of the Speedskim has helped to get the OX Tools brand noticed amongst plasterers around the UK. This has then led on to customers expanding out to bring onboard other products from the OX Tools range.


In order to produce the best quality products OX Tools start every product from scratch, constantly referring back to their vision to ensure every product is built to last. Key features include, high quality, comfortable handle on every trowel, chisel and clamp while only using the best quality materials like the impact resistant case of the Pro tape measure.

“At OX we ‘live the trade’ which means that we listen to tradespeople to understand the daily problems, limitations or frustrations that they face in their work. By understanding the needs of the tradespeople, we apply this to our products and create tough, dynamic and different tools that create solutions to problems, reduce fatigue/ injury and offer long term reliable performance.”


The OX Tools range is constantly developing and new products are being added to the range all the time. This continuous innovation is what has made OX Tools the brand it is today.

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