Wooster Gold Edge VS Silver Tip

So you want to know the difference between the Wooster Silver Tip and Wooster Gold Edge paintbrushes? Great, this article outlines the key differences between the two brush models and the reasons for choosing each one. Let's get started.


The Gold Edge is quite a new addition to the Wooster range. It was introduced for several reasons. The first reason was to offer a good quality brush between the popular Silver Tip and the high-end Pro and Super-Pro range. As stated by Wooster the Gold Edge gives "semi-professional results at a great price". 

Now, this doesn't mean it isn't a good quality brush. Take the 2-inch Gold Edge brush that retails at £8.50. Compare this to the 2-inch Ultra/Pro that retails at £14.50, this is the difference. The Wooster Gold Edge is an excellent quality brush and will still give a superb finish. But without all the bells and whistles of the Ultra/Pro thus helping to reduce the price.

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The second reason for the addition of the Gold Edge is to offer a slightly different type of brush to the Silver Tip. The Silver Tip is quite a soft brush compared to the Gold Edge. The firmer filaments allow the paint to be pushed a bit further and are suited to cutting in as it will give better control giving a crisp cut line.


The Silver Tip has been a popular brush amongst professional decorators for some time. Thanks to its performance for the price. These brushes give a smooth finish on most surfaces and are suited well to enamels, varnishes, and other thin waterbased paints. The Silver Tip has very soft polyester filaments that will hold less paint making them better for trim work such as door frames, banisters, and furniture. The soft filaments help to reduce brush strokes in the paint to leave you with a nice smooth finish.

So, you can see that the brushes are quite similar but there are some key differences. For those of us who like to scan these posts here are some key bullet points:

  • The Gold Edge has firmer filaments for more control and better paint capacity making it ideal for cutting in.
  • The Silver Tip is softer and therefore more suited to trim work with thinner water-based paints and varnishes, whereas the Gold Edge will work with all paint types.
  • Both have polyester filaments that are easy to clean and work with all paint types.


As you can see from the information above, they are small details however they do make a difference. Both brushes provide a highly affordable way to achieve a nice finish on different surface types and are an excellent choice for all decorators.

Which one will you choose? 

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